We are happy to announce that some facilities at Fallsview Indoor Waterpark will open exclusively to Skyline Hotel guests for weekend access starting October 3, 2020 in accordance with Provincial and Federal guidelines. Book Your Visit Today →

Group Meetings, Conventions and Events

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Groups, Events, Meetings, Functions & Conferences

Falls Avenue Resort is home to the most exciting and popular of Niagara Falls Attractions, and the entire 20 acre complex is across the street from the majestic Niagara Falls.

The Skyline Hotel and Falls Avenue Resort is an unique location for a group, party, educational trip or private function. Connected to attractions, shopping, and theme restaurants through an indoor skywalk, the hotel is proud to offer packages to make that Birthday parties special, and mix fun with learning at attractions and restaurants on complex.

If your group or function requires an overnight stay, The Skyline Hotel offers a wide variety of guestrooms that would accommodate any lodging needs. Including a family suite that can accommodate up to 6 guests.

From a small party to a large group or special event, the Skyline Hotel, and Falls Avenue Resort has something to offer.