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Niagara’s Best Ice Cream Spots

Summer is the perfect time to sit back and cool off with a delicious ice cream, and the Niagara region offers a number of great ice cream spots where you can try amazing flavours and one of a kind creations that everyone will enjoy.

Sweet Jesus

Sweet Jesus Ice Cream

If you’re looking for amazing soft serve creations made with high-quality ingredients, look no further than the Sweet Jesus Ice Cream shop located at the bottom of Clifton Hill and Falls Avenue. Choose from innovative and delicious varieties like the Birthday Cake served with cream cheese icing and birthday cake bits, Bounty Killah featuring coconut soft serve, shredded toasted coconut, and dark chocolate sauce, and Krusty the Cone, which is vanilla soft serve with cotton candy pieces, and rainbow sprinkles. Sweet Jesus is Niagara’s newest ice cream spot and they’re doing soft serve in cool and exciting ways, so don’t miss out.

Avondale Dairy Bar

Avondale Dairy Bar is a beloved Niagara establishment that has been in operation since 1955, serving up incredible ice cream that’s made right on the premises. You can choose from a wide variety of awesome flavours and then enjoy the ice cream on a picnic table outside surrounded by beautiful Niagara farmland. It’s the perfect destination for a unique and old-fashioned ice cream experience that’s great for the whole family.

Dairy Queen

With multiple locations throughout the city including on Ferry Street and Portage Road, Dairy Queen is a classic soft serve ice cream destination where you’ll find a wide variety of treats like the popular Blizzard in flavours like Oreo and Reese’s, ice cream sundaes, dipped cones, ice cream cakes, and more. Dairy Queen is a local favourite in Niagara Falls and with a number of convenient locations throughout the city, it’s a great place to stop for a quick and tasty treat this summer.

Italian Ice Cream

Just steps from the bustling Clifton Hill, Italian Ice Cream is a charming family-owned ice cream shop where you’ll find wonderful gelato, coffee, panini, and desserts. And if you have a celebration or party to attend then also make sure to pick up one of their delicious gelato cakes in flavours like chocolate & hazelnut, chocolate brownie caramel, and strawberry & banana.

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